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New Girl, Jake Johnson, Please Like Me, RuPaul's Drag Race, Parks and Rec, Leonardo DiCaprio and music.

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"I am awful with names and bad with goodbyes, but I never forget a face…"

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So I found a headless Betty Boop doll and a body less #Bane at the #popcultcha sale yesterday…it kinda works!

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always say thank you to the bus driver and the crossing guard and the cashier and the person holding the door for you this is crucial

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4×01 The Last Wedding - tonight 9/8c on FOX!

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I’ve never seen a post dunk spin cycle teabag.

History in the making.

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Everyday Objects With Faces Are Awesome

When you walk around and look at everything around you, chances are, you may see a face. It may be human, it may be an animal, but sometimes you can see faces in inanimate objects. This is called Pareidolia: Seeing faces in random things!

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sex education at its finest


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